Free TOGAF Training Material

If you want to get TOGAF® Certified and are looking for free TOGAF training material – you are in luck.

To celebrate the launch of the upcoming “TOGAF® Certification,Accelerated Enterprise Architect Course”, I am giving FREE course coupons to all those who register on the early bird list (link at bottom of post) before the course goes live on the Udemy web site.

free-togaf-training-materialIf you are reading this post – post go live of the Accelerated Enterprise Architect Course (so called as Accelerated Learning techniques are used to deliver the course and materials – hence the clue in the adjacent mind map;-) ), there are more free materials available as outlined further on below.


TOGAF® Certification Course Overview

This new course will cover the Foundation (Part 1) curriculum covering each of the following sections:

  • TOGAF Basic Concepts
  • TOGAF Core Concepts
  • TOGAF Definitions & Terminology
  • The Architecture Development Method (The ADM)
  • Architecture Governance
  • The Enterprise Continuum & Tools
  • The 2 TOGAF Reference Models
  • Building Blocks (Both Architecture and Solution)
  • Deliverables from across the ADM

Each section is delved into in turn with particular emphasis on the Architecture Development Method section (as it constitutes more than 50% of the Foundation examination).

Other Free TOGAF Training Material

In addition to the free course for all early birds above, there is also:

  • A free TOGAF Overview course called “TOGAF® in 30” – this is a primer course suitable for IT & Business professionals alike to get a quick overview and understanding of the TOGAF® Architecture Framework.
  • A set of free TOGAF exam questions (40 multiple choice questions timed over 60 minutes to simulate a real exam)

To claim your free TOGAF training materials (as well as your free coupon to the new TOGAF Certification course), all you need to do is register on the Early Bird list below:

Register Now for your FREE TOGAF Training Material

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Tom O'Brien

I have a passion for Accelerated Learning and Technology.I am a TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect with more than 20 years experience in IT across a varied range of industry sectors. I have also delivered Training courses to blue chip clients across Europe and Asia on behalf of Oracle. I'm here to teach what I know in a simple, fun way using accelerated learning techniques.