Free TOGAF Certification Course – First 100 Now Launched

TOGAF-CertificationI am delighted to offer a Free TOGAF Certification Course to the first 100 people to use the coupon link in this post.

The course is called “TOGAF Certification, Accelerated Enterprise Architect Course” and it has just gone through the approval process on

There are 100 free places available and/or the coupon has a deadline of 11th May 2015 23:59:00 PST

Free TOGAF Certification Link Here:

Update: The 100 places were taken in less than 9 hours! Read on for how you can still get great discounts…

The reason why I am offering the course initially for free is to get as much feedback as possible from everyone who registers so I can continue to improve the course and materials.

Course Goals

    • Successfully sit the TOGAF Foundation (Level 1) Exam
    • Understand TOGAF Standard Basic Concepts
    • Understand TOGAF Standard Core Concepts
    • Understand the main TOGAF Terms & Definitions
    • Understand the Architecture Development Method (ADM)
    • Understand the ADM Guidelines & Techniques
    • Understand the Enterprise Continuum & Tools
    • Understand Architecture Governance
    • Understand the TOGAF Reference Models
    • Understand the importance of Enterprise Architecture Building Blocks
    • Understand the Deliverables used across the ADM

Coupons Expired?

Not to worry, all good things must come to an end but…

If you register on the Early Bird announcement list, you will find bonus materials as well as announcements of deep discounts/special offers not available anywhere else:

Click here to Register on the Early Bird List

See you on the inside!

Free TOGAF Training Material

If you want to get TOGAF® Certified and are looking for free TOGAF training material – you are in luck.

To celebrate the launch of the upcoming “TOGAF® Certification,Accelerated Enterprise Architect Course”, I am giving FREE course coupons to all those who register on the early bird list (link at bottom of post) before the course goes live on the Udemy web site.

free-togaf-training-materialIf you are reading this post – post go live of the Accelerated Enterprise Architect Course (so called as Accelerated Learning techniques are used to deliver the course and materials – hence the clue in the adjacent mind map;-) ), there are more free materials available as outlined further on below.


TOGAF® Certification Course Overview

This new course will cover the Foundation (Part 1) curriculum covering each of the following sections:

  • TOGAF Basic Concepts
  • TOGAF Core Concepts
  • TOGAF Definitions & Terminology
  • The Architecture Development Method (The ADM)
  • Architecture Governance
  • The Enterprise Continuum & Tools
  • The 2 TOGAF Reference Models
  • Building Blocks (Both Architecture and Solution)
  • Deliverables from across the ADM

Each section is delved into in turn with particular emphasis on the Architecture Development Method section (as it constitutes more than 50% of the Foundation examination).

Other Free TOGAF Training Material

In addition to the free course for all early birds above, there is also:

  • A free TOGAF Overview course called “TOGAF® in 30” – this is a primer course suitable for IT & Business professionals alike to get a quick overview and understanding of the TOGAF® Architecture Framework.
  • A set of free TOGAF exam questions (40 multiple choice questions timed over 60 minutes to simulate a real exam)

To claim your free TOGAF training materials (as well as your free coupon to the new TOGAF Certification course), all you need to do is register on the Early Bird list below:

Register Now for your FREE TOGAF Training Material

Free TOGAF Exam Questions

Free TOGAF Exam Questions

free-togaf-exam-questionsI’m delighted to announce I have created a set of 40 free TOGAF® Exam Questions covering the 11 different sections tested for the TOGAF® Foundation exam.

This is a simulated examination test – just like the real thing with…


  • Multiple choice questions
  • A weighted number of questions from each section (so you are covering the whole curriculum like you should)
  • You will be able to review and change your  answers prior to exam submission
  • The exam is also timed to 60 minutes
  • You will get instant feedback to tell you if you have passed or failed plus (pass score is 55%)
  • You can review any incorrect answers to see where you went wrong after the test.

In addition, you can even have the exam results emailed to you for your own reference.

Note: The exam questions were created by myself – they are not copied from other exams provided by The Open Group or recorded from any examination sittings (as they strictly prohibit this). Instead, the examination questions were created during my own revision and research into the TOGAF standard itself.

They are representative in content, style and difficulty to the real thing so are a great preparation for the exam itself if you need to brush up or are curious as to your current level of TOGAF understanding.

Foundation Exam Breakdown – Sections Covered

  • Basic Concepts – 3 Questions
  • Core Concepts – 3 Questions
  • Introduction to the Architecture Development Method (the ADM) – 3 Questions
  • ADM Phases – 9 Questions
  • ADM Guidelines & Techniques – 6 Questions
  • The Enterprise Continuum & Tools – 4 Questions
  • Architecture Governance – 4 Questions
  • Architecture Views, Viewpoints & Stakeholders – 2 Questions
  • Building Blocks – 2 Questions
  • ADM Deliverables – 2 Questions
  • TOGAF Reference Model – 2 Questions


So if you’re almost ready to sit the TOGAF® Foundation Exam or merely want to see how your current knowledge of TOGAF stands up, claim your Free TOGAF Exam Questions now by joining the TOGAF Early Bird list below:

Register Now for your FREE TOGAF Exam Questions

And we Are off…

Just a quick post to let you know the site is now live.

Over the coming weeks/months expect to see announcements on new training courses and posts regarding accelerated learning.

All the best
Tom O’Brien